Books to Buy the Gaelic Speaker in your Life

Gift inspiration for Gaelic readers!

Give the gift of Gaelic books! This list includes fiction, non-fiction, poetry and prose of all genres so you're sure to find something to suit your friends and family (or why not treat yourself?)

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1. An Aisling

Alison Lang
An Creanaiche

2. An Creanaiche

Roddy MacLean
Banais na Bliadhna

3. Banais na Bliadhna

Maureen MacLeod
An Fhìrinn agus a’ Bhreug

9. An Fhìrinn agus a’ Bhreug

Michelle NicLeòid (deas.)
An Làmh a Bheir

10. An Làmh a Bheir

Seonaidh Charity
Suain nan Trì Latha

12. Suain nan Trì Latha

Niall O’Gallagher
Le Mùirn / With Affection

13. Le Mùirn / With Affection

Catrìona Mhoireach (Catriona Murray)
Litrichean às an Eadailt

15. Litrichean às an Eadailt

Uilleam Aonghas MacMhathain

18. STEALL 01

Various Authors
Tuath air a’ Bhealach

19. Tuath air a’ Bhealach

Màrtainn Mac an t-Saoir
Gu Leòr / Galore cover

20. Gu Leòr / Galore

Pàdraig MacAoidh (Peter Mackay)

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The Gaelic Books Council (Comhairle Nan Leabhraichean) is an organisation dedicated to supporting the development of Gaelic writing, authors and publishing and stimulating interest in Gaelic books and other related materials. Along with Scottish Book Trust, they award the Gaelic New Writer’s Award every year.

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