Alfred Hitchcock Presents

10 books that inspired Hitch's hits

Alfred Hitchcock was undoubtedly a brilliant filmmmaker--perhaps one of the greatest ever--but he often had some literary inspiration for the spine-tingling tales he committed to celluloid. Celebrate the great director's 13 August birthday in literary style by checking out some of the books and stories that inspired his greatest films.

1. Rear Window

Cornell Woolrich
Marnie cover

2. Marnie

Winston Graham

3. The Lady Vanishes

Ethel Lina White
The Trouble with Harry cover

4. The Trouble with Harry

Jack Trevor Story
To Catch a Thief cover

5. To Catch a Thief

David Dodge
Psycho cover

7. Psycho

Robert Bloch
Strangers on a Train cover

9. Strangers on a Train

Patricia Highsmith
39 Steps cover

10. The 39 Steps

John Buchan

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Brianne Moore

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