9 Outstanding Gaelic Debuts

Fiction that'll make you want to (or be thankful you did) learn Gaelic

We run an annual Gaelic New Writers Awards, in partnership with the Gaelic Books Council, to discover two fresh new Gaelic voices. The dream of fledgling writers in any language is, of course, to see their first book in print. For a select few, such as these authors, their breakthrough into the world of publishing can lead to critical and public acclaim.

Deireadh an Fhoghair cover

2. Deireadh an Fhoghair

Norman Campbell (Tormod Caimbeul)
Na Klondykers cover

3. Na Klondykers

Iain F. MacLeod (Iain F. MacLeòid)
Dìleas Donn cover

5. Dìleas Donn

Norma NicLeòid
Cùmhnantan cover

6. Cùmhnantan

Norman MacLean (Tormod MacGill-Eain)
Còisir nan Gunna cover

7. Còisir nan Gunna

Anndra A. Dunn
Samhraidhean Dìomhair cover

8. Samhraidhean Dìomhair

Catriona Lexy Campbell (Catrìona Lexy Chaimbeul)
Cleas Sgàthain cover

9. Cleas Sgàthain

Màiri Anna NicDhòmhnaill

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The Gaelic Books Council

The Gaelic Books Council (Comhairle Nan Leabhraichean) is an organisation dedicated to supporting the development of Gaelic writing, authors and publishing and stimulating interest in Gaelic books and other related materials. Along with Scottish Book Trust, they award the Gaelic New Writer’s Award every year.

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