9 More Glaswegian Reads

We're back in Glasgow for more great books

Following the success of our 10 Glaswegian Reads book list, we're returning to the dear green place for another batch of great novels set in Glasgow.

Have a favourite we've missed? Let us know in the comments below.

Driftnet by Lin Anderson

1. Driftnet

Lin Anderson
The Magic Flute

2. The Magic Flute

Alan Spence
Swung by Ewan Morrison

3. Swung

Ewan Morrison
The Shipbuilders

4. The Shipbuilders

George Blake
This Road is Red by Alison Irvine

5. This Road is Red

Alison Irvine
Donor by Ken McClure

6. Donor

Ken McClure
The Changeling by Robin Jenkins

8. The Changeling

Robin Jenkins
Laidlaw cover

9. Laidlaw

William McIlvanney

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