8 Scary Scottish Books

Tartan terror

Blame a turbulent history and the long dark winter nights! Scotland’s authors have produced some of the scariest stories ever. The pen that brought us classics like Treasure Island also gave us the chilling tale of a brutal alter ego who takes over another man’s life. The creator of Sherlock Holmes also wrote of a reanimated Egyptian mummy, a mutilated ghost and savage aerial monsters preying on aviators.

Modern Scottish writers have added a spin to this creepy tradition with tales featuring a long-distance lorry driver pursued by something inhuman, and a group of disaffected teens at an outdoor centre who have a gory confrontation with demons.

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Helen Grant
Helen Grant

Helen Grant and her family lived overseas for ten years and it was exploring the history and legends of Bad Münstereifel in Germany that inspired her first novel, The Vanishing of Katharina Linden. Her latest book, Demons of Ghent, is an urbex thriller set in Flanders. Helen now lives in Perthshire and is planning a novel set in Scotland. For more information, visit helengrantbooks.com.