8 Graphic Novels for Reluctant Readers

Gripping narratives and fantastic visuals

It's important to acknowledge that graphic novels can be equally dense and complex as prose texts. Rather than thinking of them as 'easier', it's better to focus on them as something different (although the value of visuals for dyslexic readers is undoubtedly high). We've chosen these titles for their gripping narratives and artwork, which is appealing and unobtrusive.

Agents of HATE cover

1. Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E.

Warren Ellis, Stuart Immonen (Illus)
Hawkeye cover

2. Hawkeye

Matt Fraction, David Aja (Illus), Javier Pulido (Illus)
Tinder cover

4. Tinder

Sally Gardner, David Roberts (Illus)
Savage cover

5. The Savage

David Almond (author), Dave McKean (illustrator)
Flight cover

6. Flight

Kazu Kibuishi
Kitaro cover

7. Kitaro

Shigeru Mizuki
Through the Woods cover

8. Through the Woods

Emily Carroll