8 Books About Animal Friends (3-7)

8 books for lovers of our furry friends

All little ones love their furry little friends - and they love stories about them too! Here are 8 fantastic books about animals making friends with children - sometimes in the strangest of situations!

My Friend Fred by Hiawyn Oram

1. My Friend Fred

Hiawyn Oram
The Storm Whale by Benji Davies

2. The Storm Whale

Benji Davies
Ping! by Chae Strathie

3. Ping!

Chae Strathie
Bears Don't Read cover

4. Bears Don't Read!

Emma Chichester Clark
How to Hide a Lion by Helen Stephens

6. How to Hide a Lion

Helen Stephens
Lost and Found cover

7. Lost and Found

Oliver Jeffers
Oliver and Patch by Kate Hindley

8. Oliver and Patch

Claire Freedman, Kate Hindley (Illus)

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Lynsey Rogers

Lynsey Rogers is the writer development co-ordinator with Scottish Book Trust.

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