7 Books to Put You Off Animals for Life

Author Barry Hutchison's warnings for animal lovers

Animals. They're great, aren't they? From the cutest little lamb to the proudest mountain lion, animals are just plain excellent. Unless, of course, you come across a wrong 'un, like those that feature in this list. Each book in this selection contains an animal - or animals - who would like nothing more than to bite, chew, rip and/or gouge you until you die. And probably for some time afterwards, too. Contained within these collected pages you will find people - people just like you, my friend - coming face to snout with some of the most horrifying creatures in the history of print. So next time your dog looks at you funny, or your cat sends you threatening text messages, pick up one of these books and get reading. It might just save your life.

Pet Sematary Cover

1. Pet Sematary

Stephen King

2. The Rats

James Herbert
Jaws cover

3. Jaws

Peter Benchley
Chimera cover

4. Chimera

Stephen Gallagher

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Barry Hutchison
Barry Hutchison

Born and bred in the Highlands of Scotland, Barry Hutchison is the author of the Scottish Children's Book Award-winning Invisible Fiends: Mr Mumbles, the first in his six-part horror series for younger readers described as Harry Potter meets A Nightmare on Elm Street. He was involved in founding the Trapped By Monsters website, and you can find him at barryhutchison.com.