6 Books About Inheritance

Poet Ken Cockburn asks: Who gets the old man’s money?

Where there’s a fortune there’s also a feud, so don’t start imagining what you’d do with it all unless you’re up for a fight.

1. Rob Roy

Sir Walter Scott
Cat cover

2. Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Tennessee Williams
Folktales cover

3. Italian Folktales

Italo Calvino
Lear cover

4. King Lear

William Shakespeare
Jane Eyre cover

5. Jane Eyre

Charlotte Bronte
Kidnapped cover

6. Kidnapped

Robert Louis Stevenson

List created by

Ken Cockburn
Ken Cockburn

Ken Cockburn established and ran pocketbooks, an award-winning series of books of poetry and visual art (1999-2002), and was a director of platform projects, its successor company, until 2006. Since 2004 he has worked freelance, as a poet, editor, translator and writing tutor. To learn more, click here.

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