5 Magic Carpet Books

Books that transport you to another place & time

History is my passion and, as a writer of both historical novels and non-fiction, I do my utmost to create a convincing sense of place and time. As a reader, I love those books, novels and non-fiction, which transport me back to another place and another time. There have to be great characters too, of course, whether real and imagined, and a damn good story. The novel which heads this list and the history which finishes it both also offer a poignant and vivid glimpse into worlds now lost forever. These are all books I've read or re-read this year. 

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Maggie Craig
Maggie Craig

Glasgow native Maggie Craig is the author of Damn Rebel Bitches: The Women of the '45, Bare-Arsed Bandetti: The Men of the '45, and several novels set in Glasgow & Clydebank during the 19th and first half on the 20th century.