5 Great Travel Books

Dr Gavin Francis chooses his top transporting titles

Paul Theroux said recently of Dr Gavin Francis’ book: "Empire Antarctica is the embodiment of everything I admire in travel writing - a great journey, intense isolation, wide reading, vivid writing, scientific research, and something in the nature of an old-fashioned ordeal. I loved this book.”

Hear Dr. Gavin talk about inspirational penguins, isolation and his travel writing heroes on our Bookmarked podcast, and check out some of his favourite travel books and writers.

Which writers do you turn to for travel inspiration? Share your top travel books in the comments below!

1. Desert Divers

Sven Lindqvist
Mosquito Coast cover

2. The Mosquito Coast

Paul Theroux
Patagonia cover

3. In Patagonia

Bruce Chatwin

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Gavin Francis
Gavin Francis

Gavin Francis’s book, Antarctica Dreaming, about his 15 months as the resident doctor with the British Antarctic Survey, netted him the Scottish Book of the Year prize in 2013. It was also shortlisted for the Costa Biography Prize, the RSL Ondaatje Prize, Banff Adventure Travel Prize, and Saltire Book of the Year award. He is also the author of True North: Travels in Arctic Europe and is a practicing GP in Edinburgh.