24 Books About Dads and Father Figures (3-7)

Celebrating the brilliant men in our lives!

Daring, loving, wise and funny fathers

Stick Man cover

1. Stick Man

Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler
Dino Daddy cover

2. Dino-Daddy

Mark Sperring, Sam Lloyd (Illus)
Goodnight Spaceman cover

3. Goodnight Spaceman

Michelle Robinson, Nick East (Illus)
My Dad cover

4. My Dad!

Chae Strathie, Jacqueline East (Illus)
A Brave Bear cover

5. A Brave Bear

Sean Taylor, Emily Hughes (Illus)
Superhero Dad cover

6. Superhero Dad

Timothy Knapman, Joe Berger (Illus)
Rex cover

7. Rex

Simon James
Me and My Dad cover

8. Me and My Dad

Robin Shaw
Lollipop and Grandpa Go Swimming

9. Lollipop and Grandpa Go Swimming

Penelope Harper, Cate James (Illus)
Molly and her Dad cover

10. Molly and Her Dad

Jan Ormerod & Carol Thompson
Harris cover

11. Harris Finds His Feet

Catherine Rayner
Peck, Peck, Peck By Lucy Cousins

12. Peck, Peck, Peck

Lucy Cousins
Baking with Dad cover

13. Baking with Dad

Aurora Cacciapuoti
Daddy Honk Honk cover

14. Daddy Honk Honk!

Rosalinde Bonnet

15. My Amazing Dad

Ross Collins
Tell Me One Thing, Dad cover

17. Tell Me One Thing, Dad

Tom Pow, Ian Andrew (Illus)
Emperor's Egg cover

18. The Emperor's Egg

Martin Jenkins, Jane Chapman (Illus)
I Love You, Daddy cover

19. I Love You, Daddy

Jillian Harker, Kristina Stephenson (Illus)
FArTHER cover


Grahame Baker-Smith
My Dad cover

21. My Dad

Anthony Browne
Daddy Long Legs cover

23. Daddy Long Legs

Nadine Brun-Cosme, Aurelie Guillerey (Illus)

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