23 Terrific Tree Books (3-7)

Celebrate the beautiful forests of the world

Trees are marvellous things: they shade us when it's hot, they double as climbing frames, turn brilliant colours in the autumn and decorate our homes at Christmastime. Let's give these natural wonders their due!

Night Gardener cover

1. The Night Gardener

Terry Fan, Eric Fan
Grandpa Green cover

2. Grandpa Green

Lane Smith
Stuck by Oliver Jeffers

3. Stuck

Oliver Jeffers
Tap the magic tree cover

4. Tap the Magic Tree

Christie Matheson
Giving Tree cover

5. The Giving Tree

Shel Silverstein
The Red Tree by Shaun Tan

6. The Red Tree

Shaun Tan
Jack and the Flumflum Tree cover

7. Jack and the Flumflum Tree

Julia Donaldson, David Roberts (Illus)
We Planted a Tree cover

10. We Planted a Tree

Diane Muldrow, Bob Staake (Illus)
House Held Up cover

11. House Held Up by Trees

Ted Kooser, Jon Klassen (Illus)
Fletcher cover

12. Fletcher and the Falling Leaves

Julia Rawlinson, Tiphanie Beeke (Illus)
Red Sings cover

13. Red Sings from Treetops

Joyce Sidman, Pamela Zagarenski (Illus)
Little Fir Tree cover

14. The Little Fir Tree

Margaret Wise Brown, Jim LaMarche (Illus)
Tickle Tree cover

17. The Tickle Tree

Chae Strathie, Poly Bernatene (Illus)
Trees cover

18. Trees

Maple cover

20. Maple

Lori Nichols
Night Tree cover

21. Night Tree

Eve Bunting, Ted Rand (Illus)
Lorax cover

22. The Lorax

Dr Seuss

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