20 Novels that Feature Paintings

Art within art

Artists are fairly well known for living dramatic lives, so it's no wonder so many authors have chosen to dramatise them. Delve into paintings both real and imagined, and the complicated geniuses behind them.

To the Lighthouse cover

2. To the Lighthouse

Virginia Woolf
Goldfinch cover

3. The Goldfinch

Donna Tartt
Last Nude cover

4. The Last Nude

Ellis Avery
Shell Seekers cover

5. The Shell Seekers

Rosamunde Pilcher
Swan Thieves cover

7. The Swan Thieves

Elizabeth Kostova
Painter from Shanghai cover

8. The Painter from Shanghai

Jennifer Cody Epstein
Art Forger cover

14. The Art Forger

B A Shapiro
Modern Art cover

15. Modern Art

Evelyn Toynton
Girl Reading cover

16. Girl Reading

Katie Ward
Painted Girls cover

19. The Painted Girls

Cathy Marie Buchanan
Headlong cover

20. Headlong

Michael Frayn

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