18 Thrillers Set on Scottish Islands

The dark and twisty side of island life...

When we think of the Scottish islands, we tend to think of places of great natural beauty, historical interest and excellent distilleries. These books take a slightly darker view, placing the islands as settings for bloody deeds. You may never quite look at them the same way again...

Raven Black cover

1. Raven Black

Ann Cleeves
The Malice of Waves cover

3. The Malice of Waves

Mark Douglas-Home
Orkney Twilight cover

4. Orkney Twilight

Clare Carson
Smokheads cover

6. Smokeheads

Doug Johnstone
Singing Sands cover

7. The Singing Sands

Josephine Tey
Ice Twins cover

8. The Ice Twins

S. K. Tremayne
But N Ben a Go Go cover

13. But n Ben a-go-go

Matthew Fitt
Burnt Island cover

14. Burnt Island

Alice Thompson
The Visitors cover

15. The Visitors

Simon Sylvester
Flight cover

16. Flight

Adam Thorpe
Secrets of the Sea House cover

17. Secrets of the Sea House

Elisabeth Gifford
Dioghaltas cover

18. D├Čoghaltas

Iain F. MacLe├▓id

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