17 Picture Books About Dragons (3-7)

Enjoy these books about our fire-breathing friends!

Children love the magical world of dragons! From accident prone dragons, to dragons just looking for a friend, here are some great dragon tales to share with little ones.

Dragon Feathers cover

1. Dragon Feathers

Andrei Dugin (Illus), Olga Dugina (Illus), Arnica Esterl
Zog cover

2. Zog

Julia Donaldson, Axel Scheffler (Illus)
Dragons Love Tacos cover

3. Dragons Love Tacos

Adam Rubin, Danielle Salmieri
Puff cover

6. Puff the Magic Dragon

Peter Yarrow, Lenny Lipton, Eric Puybaret (Illus)
King Jack cover

7. King Jack and the Dragon

Peter Bently, Helen Oxenbury (Illus)
Dragon Stew cover

9. Dragon Stew

Steve Smallman, Lee Wildish (Illus)
Dragon Stoorworm cover

10. The Dragon Stoorworm

Theresa Breslin, Matthew Land (Illus)
Fergal cover

11. Fergal is Fuming

Robert Starling
Clockwork Dragon cover

13. The Clockwork Dragon

Jonathan Emmett, Elys Dolan (Illus)
Sylvia and Bird cover

14. Sylvia and Bird

Catherine Rayner
Knight who Said No cover

15. The Knight Who Said "No!"

Lucy Rowland, Kate Hindley (Illus)
Different Dragon cover

17. The Different Dragon

Jennifer Bryan, Danamarle Hosler (Illus)
Tags: 3-7, fantasy