16 Books with Nocturnal Animals (3-7)

Things that go bump (and squeak!) in the night

When most of us are going to bed, some animals are just waking up... See what they get up to in these fun books!

Hedgehogs cover

1. Say Hi to Hedgehogs!

Jane McGuinness
Daft Bat cover

3. Daft Bat

Jeanne Willis, Tony Ross (Illus)
Raccoon on the Moon

5. Raccoon on the Moon

Russell Punter, David Semple (Illus)
Mouse's First Night at Moonlight School cover

6. Mouse's First Night at Moonlight School

Simon Puttock and Ali Pye (Illus)
Little Mouse by Alison Murray

7. Little Mouse

Alison Murray
Owl Babies cover

8. Owl Babies

Martin Waddell, Patrick Benson (Illus)
Macavity cover

10. Macavity!: The Mystery Cat

T. S. Eliot, Arthur Robins (Illus)
Frog and Beaver cover

11. Frog and Beaver

Simon James
Koala Who Could

12. The Koala Who Could

Rachel Bright, Jim Field (Illus)
Tidy cover

13. Tidy

Emily Gravett
Superbat cover

14. Superbat

Matt Carr
Hamster Book cover

15. The Hamster Book

Silvia Borando

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