15 Scottish Music Books That Rock Our World

Can you feel the beat?

When most people hear 'Scottish music' they think 'bagpipes', which is a sadly narrow view of an extremely rich musical heritage. Thankfully, these writers are on hand to show everyone what they're missing.

Big Music cover

1. The Big Music

Kirsty Gunn
Upbeat cover

2. Upbeat

Paul MacAlindin
The Ossians cover

4. The Ossians

Doug Johnstone
Trackman cover

5. Trackman

Catriona Child
Dear Green cover

6. Dear Green Sounds

Kate Molleson
Shoe cover

13. The Shoe

Gordon Legge
The Sopranos cover

14. The Sopranos

Alan Warner
Trumpet cover

15. Trumpet

Jackie Kay

List created by

Brianne Moore

Brianne is a website editor with Scottish Book Trust