15 Perfect Penguin Books (0-7)

We love these spiffy swimmers!

Who doesn't love penguins? They might not soar overhead, but that sure doesn't slow them down! In honour of Penguin Awareness Day, here are some of our favourite penguin books!

Pink! by Lynne Rickards

1. Pink!

Lynne Rickards, Margaret Chamberlain (Ilus)
Penguin Post cover

2. Penguin Post

Debi Gliori
Penguin Problems cover

3. Penguin Problems

Jory John, Lane Smith (Illus)
Blown Away cover

4. Blown Away

Ralph Biddulph
Be Brave, Little Penguin cover

5. Be Brave, Little Penguin

Giles Andreae, Guy Parker-Rees (Illus)
Penguin Small cover

8. Penguin Small

Mick Inkpen
Bob and Flo cover

9. Bob and Flo

Rebecca Ashdown
I Am Small cover

10. I Am Small

Emma Dodd
Penguins cover

11. Penguins

Liz Pichon
And Tango Makes Three

12. And Tango Makes Three

Justin Richardson, Peter Parnell, Henry Cole (Illus)
Lost and Found cover

13. Lost and Found

Oliver Jeffers
Penguin cover

14. Penguin

Polly Dunbar
Blue Penguin cover

15. Blue Penguin

Petr Horacek
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