12 Picture Books for Adults

A picture is worth 1000 words...

Proof that picture books aren't just for children.

4. Varmints

Helen Ward, Marc Craste (Illus)

5. Fly, Pigeon, Fly!

John Henderson, Julia Donaldson, Thomas Docherty (Illus)

6. Go the F*ck to Sleep

Adam Mansbach, Ricardo Cortés (Illus)
Red Tree cover

7. The Red Tree

Shaun Tan
All My Friends cover

8. All My Friends are Dead

Avery Monsen and Jory John
Maps cover

10. Maps

Aleksandra Mizielińska and Daniel Mizieliński
Wolves in the Walls cover

11. The Wolves in the Walls

Neil Gaiman, Dave McKean (Illus)
House Held Up cover

12. House Held Up by Trees

Ted Kooser, Jon Klassen (Illus)

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