12 Illuminating Inclusive Books (3-7)

Books that celebrate everyone!

Just because you wear specs or sit in a wheelchair doesn't mean you can't have grand adventures!

For more great books like these, check out Carol Thompson's blog on the importance of inclusive books for children.

Specs for Rex cover

1. Specs for Rex

Yasmeen Ismail
Dan and Diesel cover

2. Dan and Diesel

Charlotte Hudson, Lindsey Gardiner (illus)
Freddie and the Fairy By Julia Donaldson

3. Freddie and the Fairy

Julia Donaldson, Karen George (Illus)
Susan Laughs By Jeanne Willis

4. Susan Laughs

Jeanne Willis, Tony Ross (Illus)
Amazing Grace cover

5. Amazing Grace

Mary Hoffman, Caroline Binch (illus)
We Are All Born Free cover

6. We are All Born Free

Amnesty International
So Much cover

7. So Much

Trish Cooke, Helen Oxenbury (Illus)
Mermaid cover

8. Mermaid

Cerrie Burnell, Laura Ellen Anderson (Illus)
Max the Champion by Alex Strick

9. Max the Champion

Sean Stockdale, Alex Strick, Ros Asquith (Illus)
The Great Big Book of Feelings cover

11. The Great Big Book of Feelings

Mary Hoffman, Ros Asquith (Illus)
This is Our House cover

12. This is Our House

Michael Rosen, Bob Graham (Illus)
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