12 Books for World AIDS Day

Raising awareness of a vital global health issue

Since first being identified in the early 1980s, Human Immunodeficiency Virus--HIV--has cost millions of people their lives, families, friends and dignity. Although we've come a long way in our treatment of both people with HIV and AIDS and the disease itself, much more needs to be done. In a bid to raise awareness of HIV and AIDS, World AIDS Day has been held on the 1 December every year since 1988. It's a chance for people to mourn the dead and seriously consider what can be done to combat this global health crisis.

Below are just a few excellent works that have been written around HIV and AIDS. Whether you know someone who's been personally affected or simply trying to understand what it's like to try and manage this disease, they're all well worth a read.

For more information on World AIDS Day and what you can do to help, visit worldaidsday.org.

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