12 Books Featuring Crooked Politicians

Frauds in high places

As John Dalberg-Acton once wisely observed, 'Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.' Crooked behaviour and corruption can be found at all levels of government, from local councils to the highest offices in the land, and many times even those who started off with an earnest desire to serve and do some good find themselves resorting to dirty backroom deals. Here are just a few examples from the literary world.

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Burmese Days cover

5. Burmese Days

George Orwell
It Can't Happen Here cover

6. It Can't Happen Here

Sinclair Lewis
All the King's Men cover

8. All the King's Men

Robert Penn Warren
Gods and Beasts cover

9. Gods and Beasts

Denise Mina
House of Cards cover

10. House of Cards

Michael Dobbs
All the President's Men cover

11. All the President's Men

Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward
Absolute Power cover

12. Absolute Power

David Baldacci

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