11 Teen Novels About Bullying

Books to make you stand up against injustice

Once, bullying was dismissed as 'no big deal' or 'just a part of growing up', but as the rise of social media has made attacks more vicious and lasting, more people have been taking notice and taking a stand. These books explore the lasting, and sometimes devastating, effects bullying can have. Hopefully, they'll make you think, and perhaps rethink some of your own actions, or come to the defense of someone who needs help.

Hollow Pike cover

1. Hollow Pike

James Dawson
Asking For It cover

2. Asking For It

Louise O'Neill
Worse than Boys cover

4. Worse Than Boys

Catherine MacPhail
Fat Boy Swim cover

5. Fat Boy Swim

Catherine Forde
Undone cover

7. Undone

Cat Clarke
All the Rage cover

9. All the Rage

Courtney Summers
Wonder cover

11. Wonder

R J Palacio

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