11 Superpowered Stories (3-7)

Flying, shrinking, X-ray vision and more!

Have you ever wished for superpowers? The lucky characters in these stories either have them or have strong enough imaginations to dream up adventures in which they save the world. And what can be more super than that?

1. Stink: The Incredible Shrinking Kid

Megan McDonald and Peter H Reynolds

2. My Mum Has X-ray Vision

Angela McAllister

4. Super Daisy

Kes Gray and Nick Sharratt

5. Super Duck

Jez Alborough

6. Nat Fantastic

Giles Andreae

7. Superworm

Julia Donaldson
Max cover

9. Max

Bob Graham
Superkid cover

10. Superkid

Claire Freedman and Sarah McIntyre
Eliot cover

11. Eliot, Midnight Superhero

Anne Cottringer, Alex T Smith (Illus)

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Brianne Moore

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