10 Napoleonic Reads

Books that relive the Napoleonic Wars

Napoleon Bonaparte was arguably one of the greatest military commanders in known history, and he got plenty of time to hone his skills during the many, many battles that, spread out over 16 years, laid waste to large swathes of Europe, revolutionised warfare and altered the Continental map. In the two centuries since his final defeat at Waterloo, authors have seized on this period, churning out novels, non fiction and even poetry celebrating the victories and mourning the losses. Here are a few of our favourites - please leave yours in the comments below!

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War and Peace cover

1. War and Peace

Leo Tolstoy
Vanity Fair cover

2. Vanity Fair

William Makepeace Thackeray
Napoleon the Great cover

4. Napoleon the Great

Andrew Roberts
Master and Commander cover

5. Master and Commander

Patrick O'Brian
Tides of War cover

6. Tides of War

Stella Tillyard
Waterloo: The Aftermath cover

8. Waterloo

Bernard Cornwell

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