10 Essential Novels in the Scots Language

Whae talks like us?

Scots is an awfae braw tounge. Fi Doric in Scotland's north east tae Glasweigen in yon Central Belt there's mony different leids tae enjoy.

Tak' a hondfu' ay these gey bonnie books haem tae explore the Scots language in aw its colour.

Dinnae forget tae reid Anne Donovan's blog on unco braw Scots words.

Being Emily cover

1. Being Emily

Anne Donovan

2. Da Happie Laand

Robert Alan Jamieson

4. The Gowk Storm

Nancy Morrisson
Me and Ma Gal

6. Me and Ma Gal

Des Dillon
Lanark cover

7. Lanark

Alasdair Gray
Trainspotting cover

9. Trainspotting

Irvine Welsh
Sunset Song by Lewis Grassic Gibbon

10. Sunset Song

Lewis Grassic Gibbon

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