10 Books on Body Image

Teen fiction unafraid of taking an honest look

There are too many teens who have low self-esteem and self-confidence. They see the media flaunting stick-thin, airbrushed models, as if saying that this is beauty or perfection or, in some cases, normal, which can lead to dramatic effects and extreme acts. The following books take an honest look at self-esteem and self-confidence, eating disorders and obesity, physical disabilities and disfigurement. Some show the harsh realities of what teens go through to be beautiful, but most show the light at the end of the tunnel that leads to self-acceptance and self-love.

Purge cover

10. Purge

Sarah Darer Littman

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Jo Stapley

Jo Stapley has been running her blog Once Upon a Bookcase for four years, where she reviews YA and fantasy novels. She has held a number of themed blog events including Sex in Teen Lit Month, Body Image and Self-Perception Month, and Death and Bereavement Week. Jo will be holding LGBTQ YA Month in July 2013. You can follow Jo on Twitter.