10 Books for Blue Monday

Cheer yourself up with some of literature's happiest endings

It's dark when you wake up and dark when you come home. The wind is bitterly cold, the half-frozen snow is cutting as it falls, and you're drinking tea and cocoa by the gallon just to stay warm. Winter is here, and even worse, Blue Monday has arrived.

But weep not, for there is hope. The warmth of a jolly book can light up even the darkest days. Here are our top ten picks for books with the happiest endings, as chosen by fans of our Facebook page. Read 'em and smile!

Persuasion cover

2. Persuasion

Jane Austen

3. The Shipping News

Annie Proulx
Princess Bride cover

4. The Princess Bride

William Goldman
Jane Eyre cover

5. Jane Eyre

Charlotte Bronte
Christmas Carol cover

8. A Christmas Carol

Charles Dickens
Matilda cover

10. Matilda

Roald Dahl, Quentin Blake (Illus)

List created by

Brianne Moore

Brianne is a website editor with Scottish Book Trust