10 Books About the Devil

Wicked is so much more fun than good...

He gets all the best tunes, they say.  The figure of the Devil has been there from the beginning: every culture, throughout history, has some supernatural entity who takes the blame for the inward waywardness of humanity.  As an atheist, of course, I don't believe in him, but that's not to say he hasn't been a central figure in some great stories, in all genres, ranging from the epic poem to Gothic horror to the postmodern novel.  Put it this way: no tale that features the cloven hoof and sulfurous smell of Satan is likely to be dull.  Take a bow, ladies and gentleman, for the greatest fictional character of all time...

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Alan Bissette
Alan Bissett

Falkirk-born Alan Bissett is an award-winning author whose novels include Boyracers, The Incredible Adam Spark, Death of a Ladies' Man and Pack Men. He also wrote and narrated Shutdown, a documentary short about his experience growing up near the Grangemouth oil refinery. Bissett was named the Glenfiddich Spirit of Scotland Writer of the Year in 2011.