Woof Woof! 15 Books About Dogs (3-7)

Great books starring man's best friend

Aren't dogs the best? These fun books agree!

Dogs cover

1. Dogs

Emily Gravett
Harry the Dirty Dog cover

2. Harry the Dirty Dog

Gene Zion, Margaret Bloy Graham (Illus)
Dogs Ballet cover

4. Dogs Don't Do Ballet

Anna Kemp, Sara Ogilvie (Illus)
Fleabag cover

5. Fleabag

Helen Stephens
Patrick Wants a Dog cover

6. Patrick Wants a Dog!

Ekaterina Trukhan
Archie cover

7. Archie

Domenica More Gordon
Puppy Love cover

8. Puppy Love

Gillian Shields, Elizabeth Harbour (Illus)
Great Dog Bottom Swap cover

9. The Great Dog Bottom Swap

Peter Bently, Mei Matsuoka (Illus)
Oh No, George! By Chris Haughton

10. Oh No, George!

Chris Haughton
Shifty McGifty cover

11. Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam

Tracey Corderoy and Steven Lenton (Illus)
Oi Dog cover

12. Oi Dog!

Kes Gray, Jim Field (Illus)
Detective Dog cover

13. The Detective Dog

Julia Donaldson, Sara Ogilvie (Illus)
Floss cover

14. Floss

Kim Lewis

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