10 20th Century Science Books that Changed the World

Have you read these science classics?

The world's a-flutter with talk of love stories and black holes (an unlikely combination) at the moment, thanks to the release The Theory of Everything, a fantastic film exploration of the early years of theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking. The film juxtaposes the decline of Hawking's physical health with the ascent of his incredible mind, resulting in him writing the seminal popular science book A Brief History of Time despite the fact that he could only move his fingers and his eyelids. The book attempted to explain quantum mechanics and complex mathematics to the masses, and it succeeded - selling over 10 million copies in the first 20 years of its publication.

But it wasn't only Professor Hawking's book that changed the way people viewed science and the world around them in the 20th Century. Here are 10 popular science books that altered the way we think. 

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