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I live and write in the Kingdom of Fife, overlooking the silvery River Tay, with a view of trees and grey slate roofs and a skyscape it would be hard to better.  Also resident in the flat are an unruly crowd of characters, including a Victorian detective girl, a miner boy from an alien planet, a ferret princess, a medieval orphan, a talking gargoyle, a short Viking and the occasional flying horse.  I enjoy their company and do my very best to keep up with their stories.

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I write historical adventures for 8-12s, fantasy and science fiction for older readers, silly stories for younger audiences, and gripping tales for less confident readers.  I've appeared in festivals, libraries and schools from Shetland to London, lugging a suitcase full of ferrets, medieval costumes, mysterious artefacts, an enormous enthusiasm for reading and writing and books, and a toothbrush. My creative writing workshops for children, young people and adults cover poetry or prose and can be tailored to address topics such as spine-chilling baddies, strange houses, ruins on Mars, just what you might do if only you had a flying horse, and many more.  

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Current events and projects

I am currently offering four author events for primary schools:

     1.  For 6 - 8 year-olds - Tales from the Turrets - including a suitcase of ferrets and what flying horses are best at.

     2.  For 7 - 10 year-olds - The Leif Frond Adventures - introducing a small Viking hero-in-the-making and his misadventures.

     3.  For 8 - 11 year-olds - The Slightly Jones Mysteries - Victorian adventures and intriguing detective work.

     4.  For 8 - 11 year-olds - The Wickit Chronicles - with medieval costumes and squishy and revolting facts.

Teachers’ notes are available, including ideas for writing exercises based on the stories, and ways to bring the different worlds of the books to life in the classroom. There are special websites for The Slightly Jones Mysteries ( and The Wickit Chronicles (accessed through My Books on

I am currently offering two author events for secondary schools:

     1.  For age 12+ - Silver Skin - this talk looks at the inspiration for the novel and shares writing tips, as well as some behind-the-scenes insight into cover art. Silver Skin was shortlisted for the 2017 Scottish Teenage Book Prize.

     2.  For age 12+ - Walking Mountain - Joan talks about how she went about inventing a strange future world that is fantastic and familiar at the same time, where ideas come from, and how publishers get us interested in books.

Teachers notes are available, with a range of multi-discipline curriculum activities based on each of these novels.

Creative writing workshops for children, young people or adults are also on offer, based on my novels or built around character, setting, getting inspired - or something individually tailored. These workshops can focus on writing fiction or poetry.

Other work

I love working collaboratively and have taken part in various projects, including 26 Treasures (with the National Museum of Scotland), 26 Atlantic Crossings (with Canadian artists), the Farlin Project (with artists from Shetland) and my poetry pamphlet Her Lines, My Lines with the artist Kyla Tomlinson. I'm a Patron of Reading for Queensferry Primary School, and have been the writer-in-residence for East Perthshire and the BOOKMARK Book Festival, a multi-discipline resident at Hospitalfield House Art Centre, an Arvon tutor, and a Jessie Kesson Fellow at Moniack Mhor.

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Books written

The Night of the Kelpies

Author(s): Joan Lennon
Sandy's dad disappeared before he was born. Some say he drowned, but others say the kelpies, the evil horses of the bay, took him and still hold him prisoner.

The Wickit Chronicles 4: Witch Bell

Author(s): Joan Lennon
The Fens are flooding, but as the water rises relentlessly, it isn't just local folk who come to find shelter at Wickit Abbey.

The Wickit Chronicles 3: Ice Road

Author(s): Joan Lennon
It’s the harshest winter anyone can remember, and the vast waterways of the Fens are frozen solid, transformed into an Ice Road.

The Seventh Tide

Author(s): Joan Lennon
A teenage shape-shifter called Eo, a boy from the 6th century called Adom, and a girl from the 24th century called Jay … What do they have in common? More than you can possibly imagine!

The Wickit Chronicles 2: Fen Gold

Author(s): Joan Lennon
Trouble is heading for Wickit Monastery through the sweltering summer Fens - from the King's court comes Cedric with a chip on his shoulder, and from the land of the Vikings, Rane, a beautiful No

The Thing That Mattered Most (Anthology)

Author(s): Joan Lennon
Contributor. Scottish poems for children is a lively and imaginative anthology from the Scottish Poetry Library packed with brand new poems that will delight and inspire young readers.


Author(s): Joan Lennon
Three worlds, held in perfect balance for millennia, are inexplicably drifting apart.

The Wickit Chronicles 1: Ely Plot

Author(s): Joan Lennon
You'd think growing up in a medieval abbey, surrounded by nothing but monks and hundreds of miles of swamp, would be pretty boring.