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Jean Marshall, 83, is the author and illustrator of the Granny Porage stories and lives at Millhouse. She wote the Granny Porage stories to show younger generations what is was like to live in a village on the shore in the days of their grandparents. The stories arose from a visit to an island in a lochan up over a hill from a long sea loch and finding, under the brambles and bracken, the remains of a croft house.

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Jean tells stories to children about life in the West Highlands esp during the Victorian period. She has been story telling on Lismore and in Milngavie, Dunoon and Glendaruel with tales of both Granny Porage and her father's Victorian childhood.

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I take visual aids with me and tell the children what school and lessons used to be like when my parents started school in the late 1800s. I show my illustrations and tell a story.

I also play the viola and could do music workshops based on 'Dance to your Daddy' with 5-8 year olds.

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Argyll and Bute

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