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P.D. Brown


I was born in York in 1957 and grew up in Kendal. I have degrees in Law and Fine Art. I have worked as a hypnotherapist and I am currently a countryside ranger. I began telling stories semi-professionally in the 1980's. I moved to Scotland in 2003 and became a member of the Scottish Storytelling Forum.

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I tell traditional stories, nearly all from Britain and north-west Europe. These include tales of trees, ghost and horror stories but the tales I particularly love telling are Celtic, Norse and Anglo-Saxon myths, legends, epics and sagas. I am interested in poetry and my stories are frequently interspersed with introductions or sections of the tale told in poetic form. These are often done following the prosodic rules of "Dark Age" poetry. The tales are sometimes accompanied on a lyre, a six-stringed harp which was used by Celtic bards and Norse skalds. These features are used to recreate, as much as is possible, the sound, style and atmosphere of tales as they were told in the mead-halls of old. I received a grant from the Icelandic government's Egill Skallagrimsson Fund to produce the fourth of my C.D.'s listed in 'Other Work.'

Current events and projects

I am available to do storytelling that would involve no more than one overnight stop. I have recently done two Film in Education introductory talks to schoolchildren in Aberdeen prior to their seeing films. The themes I explored there were those of mysterious otherworlds and the nature of storytelling itself whether orally or through film making. Out of my interest in Norse culture, I have studied Old Norse and runology and have produced to date two runestones, one sited at Archaeolink in Aberdeenshire and the other at Lime Tree Farm in North Yorkshire.


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Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Moray, Perth and Kinross

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