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Helen Fitzgerald

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Bloody Women

Author(s): Helen Fitzgerald
Returning to Scotland to organise her wedding, Catriona is overcome with the jitters. She decides to tie up loose ends before settling permanently in Tuscany, and seeks out her ex-boyfriends.

My Last Confession

Author(s): Helen Fitzgerald
Tips for parole officers: Don't smuggle heroin into prison, don't drink vodka to relieve stress, don't French kiss a colleague to get your lover jealous, don't snort speed.

The Devil’s Staircase

Author(s): Helen Fitzgerald
A group of backpackers break into an abandoned London townhouse seeking a rent-free life of debauchery.

Dead Lovely

Author(s): Helen Fitzgerald
Krissie's highland trek doesn't quite go to plan - she ends up getting high on magic mushrooms and accidentally throwing her best friend off the edge of a cliff.