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Jim C. Wilson


I was born in Edinburgh in 1948, and lived there for almost 50 years. I now live, with my wife Mik, in the coastal village of Gullane, some 20 miles to the east.

In 1971 I was awarded an MA (Hons) by Edinburgh University, spent a year at Moray House, then taught in Further Education for nine years.

I have had my poetry and prose published and broadcast widely for over 35 years. I have been awarded two Scottish Arts Council Writers’ Bursaries (1987 and 1994) and was the Writer in Residence for Stirling District from 1989 until 1991. I have worked with and visited many writers’ groups in Scotland, and regularly judge competitions.

Since 1994 I have run Poetry in Practice workshops at Edinburgh University’s Open Studies Department. I was a Royal Literary Fund Writing Fellow at Napier University from 2001 until 2002, and an RLF Fellow at Edinburgh University from 2002 until 2007.

I took First Prize in the UK section of the Scottish International Open Poetry Competition and was awarded the Hugh MacDiarmid Trophy in March 1997 and 2005.

In March 2006 I won First Prize in the Published Writers’ section of the National Galleries of Scotland Writing Competition.

I won First Prize in the Swanage Arts Festival Poetry Competition in 1997, 1989 and 1988, and won First Prize in Southport Writers’ national competition in 1995 (and came third in 1996).

In 1997 I was Second-equal in the Canadian Sandburg-Livesay Competition.

I used to do some freelance journalism, and have had articles in such publications as The Scotsman, The Herald, Aberdeen Press and Journal, Scottish Field, She, France, Books in Scotland, Lines Review, etc.

I am an honorary member of Edinburgh’s Shore Poets who have been organising monthly poetry events since the early 1990s.

About writer's work

Although I’ve had a fair amount of prose published over the years, I now concentrate on poetry. I write light verse as well as more serious material, and very much enjoy giving readings. I use traditional forms and freer styles, and have a particular interest in tanka, renga and haiku. I write about anything and everything, from the Mona Lisa to Chet Baker’s dentures.



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Current events and projects

I love reading my work to an audience, and am very interested in the actual process. I do workshops with groups, and am available for one-to-one sessions where, usually, I concentrate on around six poems. I’m available to judge competitions and give general talks on aspects of poetry and verse.

I would prefer to work with teens and/or adults.

I will travel anywhere in Scotland.

Other work


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Books written

Come Close and Listen

Author(s): Jim C. Wilson
Published by Greenwich Exchange.

Will I Ever Get To Minsk

Author(s): Jim C. Wilson
Published by HappenStance Press.

The Loutra Hotel

Author(s): Jim C. Wilson
Jim C Wilson's first poetry collection, published by Making Waves Press

Cellos in Hell

Author(s): Jim C. Wilson
A collection of poems which tackle the woes as well as the joys of the world with a mixture of sensitivity, mordant humour, and a vein of nihilism. Published by Chapman.

Paper Run

Author(s): Jim C. Wilson
A selection of Jim Wilson's poems from the 1980s until 2007. Published by Mariscat.

Spalebone Days

Author(s): Jim C. Wilson
Prose reminiscences of Jim Wilson's childhood in 1950’s Edinburgh. Published by Kettillonia.

The Happy Land

Author(s): Jim C. Wilson
Biography of Edinburgh character and entrepreneur, Howard Denton, born 1914. Much detail of Jewish life in Edinburgh’s South Side.