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Caroline Dunford


After time spent as a journalist and a psychotherapist I became a full-time author and playwright in 2002. How we interact as human beings has been a life-long fascination for me, and even led me to do a second degree is psychology. I believe that stories are at the heart of the human condition. We need to tell them to help understand the world and others around us. 

I live in a cottage by the sea with my partner, my two young sons and an awful lot of on-going building repairs. I love reading, cooking, chatting with friends and learning.

About writer's work

I have published over thirty short stories in a wide variety of genres, but my longer works are historical crime (1910), contemporary (and female empowering) romance and YA fantasy.

I am fascinated by the period leading up to World War One, including The Great Game (their term, not mine), more commonly known as spycraft, and how people function under crisis. I have a strong interest in writing stories where my characters learn about themselves and develop into stronger, better human beings. My aim is always to leave my readers feeling inspired.

I enjoy the process of writing plays and engaging in their production. There are few things as exciting as seeing your stories literally brought to life. Over the next twelve months I will be writing more Euphemia Martins Mysteries as she moves slowly, but inevitably, towards the beginning of World War One.

I have written a published novel centred around the Edinburgh Fringe Festival about producing a play in Scotland. I have also published a novella based on my play Burke. I am currently involved in writing more YA fiction and further Euphemia stories.

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Current events and projects

I am delighted to do readings and workshops. I offer one hour seminars as well as courses stretching over a number of days. I have over fifteen years experience of public speaking and teaching. I have a number of events that I can run or I can create events to suit. Previous sessions have covered short story writing, handling rejection, learning how to peer review, playwrighting and the enormously popular and successful one day course, How to Write a Novel, run for Edinbugh International Book Festival. I work with both groups and individuals. For interaction workshops for adults my limit is twenty-five. I have now co-authored a play, The Moonlit Road, with Graham Gibson. This play toured widely around Scotland and overseas.

Other work

I am writer-in-residence for Edinburgh Theatre Company, Siege Perilous. I also teach playwriting for Edinburgh University’s Department of Life Long Learning.

Several of my own plays have been produced. Most recently, BURKE, the story of the serial killers Burke and Hare which has enjoyed three productions, including a national tour. THE MOONLIT ROAD, co-written with Graham Gibson, a commissioned work centred around and inspired by the classic ghost stories of Poe, Bierce and others, has recently completed its first national tour and goes on international tour in 2015.

I also contribute short stories to Accent Press’s seasonal anthologies in Summer, Halloween and Christmas. 


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East Lothian, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Perth and Kinross, Scottish Borders

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9-12, Teens, Adults

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Books written

A Death for King and Country

Author(s): Caroline Dunford
Euphemia is on board the Carpathia as it rushes to rescue the survivors of the Titanic.

The Mapmaker’s Daughter

Author(s): Caroline Dunford
Sharra's world is a terrifying place. Violent seismic 'Shifts' and outbreaks of an all-consuming black fire radically alter landscapes on an increasingly frequent basis.

Highland Inheritance

Author(s): Caroline Dunford
Lucy McIntosh, a senior data analyst at an SEO company, lives with her boyfriend, Jake, and lives a life of a whirl of deadlines, corporate parties and regular visits to coffee shops and beauty parlou

A Death in the Loch

Author(s): Caroline Dunford
With Euphemia, Bertram and Rory all at odds with one another, a request from the King’s spy, Fitzroy to supervise a top secret meeting in the Highlands was never going to be easy.

A Death in the Pavilion

Author(s): Caroline Dunford
Euphemia is now working as a paid companion to Richenda Stapleford while they stay at the estate of the charming banker, Hans Muller, who Richenda is now regarding a prospective marriage prospect.

A Death in the Wedding Party

Author(s): Caroline Dunford
Euphemia is finally engaged. But all her plans are derailed when escorting Richenda Stapleford to her wedding not one, but two important members of the Wedding party are murdered.

A Death in the Asylum

Author(s): Caroline Dunford
Euphemia is now working for Bertram Stapleford as housekeeper at his tumbledown estate.

A Death in the Highlands

Author(s): Caroline Dunford
Euphemia Martins, the estranged granddaughter of an Earl, takes on the role of Housekeeper in The invidious Sir Richard Stapleford’s Highland Lodge.

A Death in the Family

Author(s): Caroline Dunford
When her father dies in a dish of mutton and onions, Euphemia Martins, the estranged granddaugher of an Earl is driven into service as a maid to provide for the mother and little brother.

A Death in the Family: A Euphemia Martins Mystery

Author(s): Caroline Dunford
In December 1909 the Reverend Joshia Martins expires in a dish of mutton and onions leaving his family on the brink of destitution.