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Fran Macilvey


I am an author and motivational speaker based in Edinburgh.

My first book, Trapped: My Life with Cerebral Palsy is an Amazon international bestseller (Skyhorse Publishing, ISBN: 1628737611). I have adapted Trapped for radio and am writing the stage play.

I am comfortably on the way to achieving a solid list of titles. As well as Trapped, Happiness Matters and Making Miracles, (non-fiction) these include, Lisa Somerville, The Seduction of Susan Scott, and Pip (fiction).

I was born premature and disabled in the Congo. In 1972 the family returned to Scotland, where I faced painful orthopaedic operations and later spent eight years at boarding school.

I worked as a solicitor for ten years before turning to my first passion, writing.  I wrote Trapped so that others can understand how challenging it is, to maintain the appearance of a “normal” life with a disability.

I write a blog, speak on a wide range of subjects, and give book signings and readings. I have appeared on BBC Radio Scotland, have been interviewed for Ableradio, and featured on ‘Disability Now’s podcast.

Key areas of expertise include:

-       Common misunderstandings around disability.

-       Dealing with inequality and discrimination.

-       Employment and career challenges.  

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I am interested in writing and speaking around many different subjects, using my personal experiences with disability, family, parenthood and the world of work as my starting points. I have written one memoir and two volumes of MBS which detail my journey to self-acceptance.

I have adapted my first book as a radio play, and am currently also writing the stage play.

I am currently writing a series of novels about women and the law, mixing excitement with realism and humour. Many of the scenarios and situations arise from my time working as a solicitor in Scotland.

I speak on a wide range of subjects, particularly disability as it impacts on women’s lives, their aspirations and their ability or otherwise to engage with what we regard as normal expectations and ordinary life, either in the domestic sphere, in employment, or in the world at large.

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Talks, discussions, readings, book signings and workshops on writing and authorship, either during the day or in the evening.

I engage with a range of subjects and enjoy speaking on a given topic which I can relate to my personal experiences with disability, personal empowerment, social inclusion, work-place challenges, family and domestic expectations and the like.

I have spoken at church and community groups, on podcasts and radio interviews, and recently helped facilitate a workshop at a conference.  

I usually offer a talk on a given subject or theme of between 10 and 15 minutes, followed by readings from my work of between 10 and 15 minutes. I am very flexible. Thereafter, I like to offer space for discussion, and Q & A. I can offer book signings (I can source my book in any quantity).

An event would fit comfortably within an hour.

My target audience is any organisation or group interested to hear about or having any interest in social inclusion, disability, discrimination, barriers in the workplace and personal empowerment and personal relationships.  More generally, I am also interested in the processes of authorship, editing and publication.


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Trapped: My Life with Cerebral Palsy

Author(s): Fran Macilvey
'Trapped' tells the true story of my life with cerebral palsy.