• Owl Babies

    This picture book is a classic. Notice how the mum in this video reads the book in a nice calm and reassuring tone - it’s a very gentle read aloud, perfect for bedtime.

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  • Father reading book to his baby

    One, Two, Three...Run!

    The dad in this video is reading to a very young baby. The baby is so engaged, and maintains eye contact with his dad throughout. It wouldn’t really matter what the dad was reading, the baby is just enjoying the experience of the cuddle and hearing his dad’s voice.

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  • Baby being read to by grandparents

    Happy Baby Playtime

    This book is great for babies because there’s lots for them to look at. You can talk about the different things in the picture, just like the Granny in this film.

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  • Family reading Goodnight Tractor

    Goodnight Tractor

    This gentle, rhyming book is an excellent bedtime story. A bedtime story is an important part of helping children to relax and encouraging them to sleep well.

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  • Child reading The Disgusting Sandwich

    The Disgusting Sandwich

    Would you eat this sandwich? This fun and engaging story is a great one for getting children involved. You could get your child to help to tell the story by joining in with the line, 'You can’t eat it now.

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  • Mother reading with two girls


    This brightly coloured book is great for the whole family to share together. Like the family in the video, you can read or talk about the pictures in any language. Lift the flaps and see if you can find the hidden images in the pictures.

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