Lyrics Alley

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A family saga, a continent-spanning narrative and a backdrop of huge cultural and political change. Leila Aboulela's award-winning novel Lyrics Alley goes under the Book Talk microscope this month, as host Paul Gallagher is joined by Roland Gulliver and Anna Burkey to discuss and dissect the book, as well as suggesting their related recommendations. 


Podcast contents:00:00-11:28 Introduction and Lyrics Alley review11:31-28:13 In-depth Lyrics Alley discussion (plot spoilers)28:22-35:13 Related recommendations; next month's book


00:00-11:28 Introduction and Lyrics Alley review

11:31-28:13 In-depth Lyrics Alley discussion (plot spoilers)

28:22-35:13 Related recommendations; next month's book


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