A Visit from the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan

Paul Gallagher is joined by The Scotsman features writer Lee Randall and freelance journalist and books blogger Nicola Balkind to discuss Jennifer Egan’s 2011 Pulitzer Prize-winner A Visit from the Goon Squad, as well as choosing some related reading recommendations.

Driven less by a progressing narrative or a central character than by several overriding themes - passing time, changing relationships and the nature of the music industry to name a few – A Visit from the Goon Squad investigates these themes through 13 distinct chapters, each of which focuses on a different character, all of whom are in some way connected to each other.



00:00-01:18 Introduction

01:23-18:31 In-depth discussion of A Visit from the Goon Squad 

18:40-25:04 Brief discussion of criticisms and influences on Goon Squad

25:08-29:00 Related Recommendations; next month's book; conclusion


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