Make Your Own Pirate Hat

On this page you will find a selection of resources designed to support you in encouraging your child to develop a love of books and reading. To download a resource just click on its title.

'Make Your Own Pirate Hat' Activity

Download a pirate hat template, then print it off and have fun decorating it with your little one.

Girl in Pirate Hat

Bookbug Video

Watch a short video filled with information about the benefits of sharing books with your child and the best ways to do this.

Bookbug video still - mum reads with baby

Storytime - Manfred the Baddie by John Fardell

Cuddle up together and watch a video of John Fardell reading the hilariously funny Manfred the Baddie. This story is suitable for children aged 4+.

John Fardell reads Manfred the Baddie