Bookbug Baby

The Bookbug Baby pack is given out by your health visitor by the time your baby is one.

The Bookbug Baby pack is a great way for you to start sharing books with your child from birth. The brilliant books and goodies in the pack will help start a lifelong love of books and reading. We hope you’ll enjoy sharing the pack at home together. 

How do I get my free Bookbug Baby Pack?

The Bookbug Baby pack is usually given out by your health visitor in your baby's first year. However, packs can be given out in different ways depending on where you live. Your local Bookbug Co-ordinator will be able to help you find out how to get hold of one in your area. 

If you haven’t received your pack, you can also ask your health visitor or check at your local library.

Remember, you don’t have to register to receive your Bookbug Baby pack.

What does the Bookbug Baby Pack include?*

  • Two board books- These brilliant books have been specially selected by a panel of Early Years experts as well as being tested with families. The books are bright, durable and safe for little hands and mouths.
  • ‘My Bookbug Session’ CD- This CD is packed full of songs and nursery rhymes for you to enjoy with your child, including songs by Julia Donaldson! The songs and rhymes can also be heard at your local Bookbug Session.
  • ‘Out and About’ buggy book- This colourful buggy book has lots of things to spot when you are out with your baby and the book can be easily clipped onto your buggy or pram. Produced with Road Safety Scotland.
  • Play Talk Read DVD- Play Talk Read is the Scottish Government's campaign to encourage families to play, talk and read with their children. The DVD is full of songs and rhymes and helpful tips for you to get the most out of reading and playing with your child at home. The DVD also includes digital versions of the books in the baby pack.
  • Bookbug Baby calendar- The Bookbug Baby Calendar is a great way for you to chart your baby’s first year, including lots of book recommendations and reading tips from play@home and Ready Steady Baby.
  • Bookbug alerts sign up form- Bookbug Alerts let you know when your baby's next Bookbug pack is due as well as giving you reading tips and book recommendations on your child's birthday. 
  • All contents come in a sturdy canvas bag. 

Please note that the canvas bag is for parents and not suitable for babies to use unattended.

*pack contents may vary