How To Use This Website

If you are unsure of how to find what you're looking for on The Scottish Book Trust website, here is an explanation of how it works:

Site overview 

The site has five large sections, each of which provides information for our audience groups as detailed below. You will find information relevant to you in the section whose name best describes you:

  • Early Years
  • Teens and Young People
  • Writers and Publishers
  • Learning Professionals
  • General Readers


Each page of the site is split into three columns as described below. The accompnying screenshots highlight the relevant area:

The left column contains the Main Navigation menu, which can be used to access and explore the five large sections referred to above:

Image showing the Main Navigation menu


Below this is the Quick Links menu, which allows quick access to our most popular pages:

Image highlighting Quick Links menu


The central column contains the page's unique content:

Image highlighting Central column


The right column contains images and links to content from other pages within our site:

Image highlighting right column


Finding your way around

There are two other important aids to finding your way around the website:

The Top Navigation, which runs across the top of every page and contains links to our contact details, news and general Scottish Book Trust information.

The Search box, which is found at the top right of every page and is sometimes the quickest way to find what you are looking for on the site: 

Image highlighting site Search box