Scottish Friendly Children's Book Tour with the Etherington Brothers

In May pupils in North and South Lanarkshire went MONKEY NUTS when the Scottish Friendly Children's Book Tour brought the Etherington Brothers into their schools to meet P4-7 pupils in the area.

The zany Etherington Brothers brought their comic books to life for pupils with interactive workshops featuring Bob the Zombie, a sky-diving pig and several items of lost luggage. Pupils learnt, among other things, how to make their own original characters, the importance of body language, why contrast is useful in illustration and why being swallowed by a massive snake can sometimes be a good thing. There was lots of laughter and lots of  (subconscious) learning over the week. For blogs, pictures and feedback read on!

To find out more about the dynamic duo follow their brilliant blog here:

 Case Study

During our tour we met some brilliantly creative teachers and we have compiled all their blogs, tips and resources into one case study package to help inspire reading and writing in the classroom.

* Etherington Brothers Case Study Package

Also - visit this page for some colourful feedback from the pupils of all the schools we visited!

* Etherington Brothers Feedback


Learning Resources

Get creative in the classroom with these brilliant teaching resources to accompany two of The Etherington Brothers' comic books:

* Etherington Brothers Learning Resources


Event Photos

The Etherington Brothers at Golfhill Primary School
Robin being very serious at Carbrain Primary School!
Signing books at Ladywell Primary School
Comic capers at St. Margaret of Scotland Primary School
Pupils caught reading at Chapelhall and St. Aloysius Primary Schools
Pupils desperate to answer questions at South Park Primary School
Robin and Lorenzo being interviewed pre-show at Robert Smillie Memorial Primary School
Bob the Sky-Diving Zombie at Glengowan Primary School



Pupil Feedback

The event was brilliant! I learned a lot about comic books and how they are made. Rachel, 8, Sandford Primary School

I thought it was really good because I liked learning about what was left on the London Underground and how you create your own characters. Eryn, 11, Glenlee Primary School

I thought it was great because it was interesting and they even made their own books and the best man there was Robin because he was doing good acts when Lorenzo told Robin the storu and because he was funny.  Bryan, 9, Carbrain Primary School

The event was exciting and I had lots of fun with the Etherington Brothers visit to the school.  They were really funny.  Amy, 9, St Margaret of Scotland Primary School

The event was really cleverly done.  The authors really did inspire me in writing and reading books.  Robbie, 10, Ladywell Primary School

I thought the event was really funny and when they were telling us facts they acted what the objects were.  When they signed our books Lorenzo drew a character too.  Fiona, 9, Sandford Primary School

I loved it.  I thought it was very fun.  I really enjoyed the time we had with them but I wish it was longer.  Laurie, 10, Glenlee Primary School

I enjoyed learning how to draw comics.  My favourite part was when you put loads of words on the screen and asked one of us to say three.  Drew, 10, Carbrain Primary School

They are really funny.  I love Monkey Nuts and especially when they did the impressions.  Fantastic show!  Grace, 8, St Margaret of Scotland Primary School

I liked the event.  I thought they brothers were inspiring and amazing, they were funny too.  They wrote great comics and stories.  Rachael, 10, Ladywell Primary School




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