Literacy skills development activities

Below is a list of activity sheets, each of which can be downloaded by clicking on the title of the sheet you require. These sheets can be photocopied and used at the pause points as suggested in the brief guidance notes and the detailed guidance notes or adapted to fit into your own work programme as appropriate for your individual learner/ groups’ needs.


Suggested web sites with relevant activities


Preparatory discussions about the characters and storylines can take place by following the illustrations in advance of reading the text.

Individuals can be encouraged to practise reading independently and/or increase confidence around reading out loud in a group, by employing the text in a role play scenario. (However, it is important not to put young people on the spot with reading, if you are unsure of their confidence reading out loud.)

Support workers should use their discretion to select the most suitable activity ideas and discussion topics throughout the book, according to an individual’s and/or groups’ needs.

In addition readers can increase their literacy skills further through creative responses to the stories, by developing alternative story-lines and endings or by introducing new characters.

The endings are intentionally ambiguous giving readers a choice of conclusions (therefore enabling learner-centred education).

Words and meanings can be explored by using the glossary and financial definitions and this can be linked to the Map of Scottish words and terms activity.

Support workers could also carry out activities around filling in forms (such as tax forms or, for prison settings, personal allowance forms) as linked to appropriate parts of the storylines in Skint! They should select forms from relevant web sites as befits their group’s needs.

Furthermore, support workers can select from a series of complimentary resources, for example Comic Life