STBP Competition Winners 2019

As part of the Scottish Teenage Book Prize you can involved in our Scottish Teenage Book Prize competitions which provide rich cross-curricular learning opportunities. There are two competitions: a book trailer competition and a graphic novel competition. Each year our panels get to see a huge range of creative approaches to both of these competitions, and this year was one of the strongest yet. Check out our winning entries below!

Winners of the Graphic Novel competition

We were bowled over by the clever storytelling on show this year! If you fancy having a go yourself, check out our How To Write a Comic Book Scene resource. You can download all three comics at the bottom of this page.


First place- Sophia, Moray

The panel loved the visual storytelling in this scene taken from The Extinction Trials. They were thoroughly impressed by Sophia's ability to explore the story using hardly and dialogue and no description. The comic strip is fast paced, with clever framing which helps keep the action moving, and ends on a cliff hanger. Who is the man they have found in a cave? The reader is left wanting to know more! 



Second place- Beth, Kilmarnock

We really liked the choice of imagery to tell this scene from The Rise of Wolves, such as the ears to represent that the wolf has appeared, and Innis reflected in the eye of the wolf. Rather than trying to draw everything mentioned in the book, the comic makes good use of a technique called 'closure', where only a small part of a subject is seen and the reader's mind fills in the rest. 



Third place- Conor, Johannes and Euan, Aberdeenshire

The juding panel loved this choice of scene, and early dramatic event from The Extinction Trials. They really enjoy the way the comic keeps the tension by zooming in and out of the action, going for a wide shot of the boat and then a close up. Will they survive or will they be eaten by the creature from the deep? Again, this comic is left on a cliff hanger- leaving us wanting to know what happens next! 




Winners and highly commended in the Book Trailer competition

The winner of our book trailer competition receives a book token from Waterstones and £250 of books for their school library. If you'd like to give book trailers a try, our series of tutorial videos is a good place to start.

Winner- Sophie, Kilmarnock

Sophie filmed and edited this trailer of Farewell Tour of a Terminal Optimist and our panel felt it was a clear winner. They loved how short and snappy the trailer was, and the use of music and the voice over to give context to the sequences being shown. The trailer tells the viewer just enough about the plot to spark their interest, but leaves them wanting more. Anyone who watches this trailer is sure to go and grab a copy of Farewell Tour of a Terminal Optimist to read! 


Highly commended- Sophia, Medi and Ellis, and Amy and Claudia, all Moray

The panel really enjoyed the visual storytelling and pace of these two trailers.