Beneath Our Feet

Beneath Our Feet

Beneath Our Feet

Subject area: 
Sciences, Social Studies

Experiences and Outcomes:
Soc 3 – 08a, SCN 3 – 17a, 
SCN 3 – 01a

The aim of this lesson is to explore, discover and observe not only the landscape around your school but also to find out what the actual rocks are, beneath your feet! 

Begin by reading together the first part of the Let’s Go West section of the John Muir graphic novel to discover how John Muir travelled in

‘the ox cart to Wisconsin and it was as bumpy as a ship on a stormy sea as they crossed swamps and trackless hills until they saw their hut in a sunny wood, overlooking a flowery glacier meadow and a glimmering lake.’

Print the Beneath Our Feet Pupil Activity Worksheet and prepare the following background information.

Background/ useful information

Reflecting on Learning

  • Had pupils ever considered exploring the environment surrounding their school as well as what was beneath their feet, before?
  • Do pupils know how to find out more about the trees, rocks, birds and insects found in their locality?

Learners can:

  • Name the rocks that make up the geology of their local area
  • Identify and name local birds, insects and trees and describe their characteristics

Further work/ useful resources

For more ideas and activities to use with this section of the John Muir story go to:

Oxford University Museum of Natural History

British Geological Survey/Discovering Geology


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