Tour Videos

Check out the videos below for top tips on writing, storytelling, performance and illustration from our brilliant touring authors.


Julia Donaldson: 


Julia Donaldson:

The Magic Paintbrush


Theresa Munoz:

Top Tips for Writing Poetry

Ciaran Murtagh:

Tips for Screenwriting

John Fardell:

Using Drawing to Inspire Stories

Lari Don:

Creative Writing Top Tips

Emily Gravett:

How to Draw Pete the Badger

Laura Ellen Anderson: 

How to Draw Evil Emperor Penguin

David Almond  

David Almond: The Writing Process from

Novel to Notebook

Dave Hook:

Using Your Own Voice in Hip Hop

Nick Sharratt:

Using Rhyme to Create Plotlines

Chris Riddell        Elizabeth Wein         Sarah McIntyre        

Chris Riddell:

The Three Ws for Starting Stories 

Elizabeth Wein:

Top Tips for Writing Historical Fiction 

Sarah McIntyre:

How to Draw a Pug

Christiane Dorion 

Melvin Burgess on Censorship

Ross Collins: How to Draw a Smug Bear and an Angry Mouse

Christiane Dorion: Golden Rules for Engaging Children with STEM 

Christopher William Hill:
Using Your Senses to Inspire Creative Writing 

Pamela Butchart:
How Everyday Things Can Spark Amazing Stories

Martin Brown:
Everyone Can Draw!

Korky Paul:
Bringing Your Characters to Life

Vivian French:
How To Tell a Great Story

Phil Earle:
5 Tips For Writing Great Dialogue

Steve Cole:
How to Write Great Action Scenes

Nicola Davies:
How Nature Can Inspire Creative Writing

Chae Strathie:
Tips for Reading With Your Child

James Carter:
Tips for Performing Poetry

Matt Whyman:
6 Questions on Writing

Marcus Sedgwick:
Top Tips for Perfect Plotting

The Etherington Brothers:
Top 5 Writing Tips

Peter Bentley Performs Cats Ahoy!

Peter Bentley:
Shark in the Dark